Uberization of Air Travel

Which is the largest taxi company and hotel company in the world? The obvious and immediate answer would be ‘Uber’ and ‘Airbnb’ respectively. But let us rethink. Neither Uber nor Airbnb holds any asset i.e. taxis and hotels respectively. They are only the enablers and media. Today, tech companies can sell anything, anywhere and anytime….

India’s Big Data Strategy

‘Big data’ is the hottest topic in the world of technocrats, economists, statisticians and policy makers. The data are assimilated from various sources like financial institutions, government departments, companies, regulators, internet and various other data generators. The analysts structure the data, analyze the trends and information, predict the behavior and aid in decision-making. Indian government…

Say Ola! To New Approaches

Google has transformed our lives in numerous ways. Right from live cricket scores to election results and from stock markets to food recipes; google is used everywhere. It has become a verb for us. The very usage of a proper noun as a verb in the English language itself signals the penetration of internet in…

Rise and Rise of Technology

It all started in 8th or 9th grade when I first logged on Orkut. I used cyber cafe and home dial-up connection to browse internet. I still remember the turtle speed of dial up network and time required to load a page. My digital needs and general needs rose simultaneously as I was admitted to college….