Published Elsewhere

  1. Ethical Investing: Profiting From The Common Good, published on 10th May 2017 on an online portal ‘The Market Mogul’. – How to design a portfolio in ethical way? What are the various ways in which you can be an ethical investor? The article answers these questions.

  2. The Need for Transparency: Global Overview, published on 28th March 2017 on an online portal ‘The Market Mogul’. – The article is on the need of transparency in every walks of life. It would give you facts about various initiatives taken to curb corruption. It would also highlight the importance of ethics in everyone’s lives.

  3. Building India’s Behemoths, published on 23rd February 2017 on an online portal ‘The Market Mogul’. – The article is on the Government of India’s plan to merge public sector undertakings. The article would apprise you about the advantages and disadvantages of mergers, how it would affect ‘Make In India’ plans and what could be the future.The article contains facts and figures and deduces a logical and erudite conclusion.